Folding Lounge Chair Guide

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When you need portable seating, forget those stiff, bulky plastic chairs. Why sit in an uncomfortable chair when you could lie back in a comfy, conforming folding lounge chair? Folding lounge chairs are a portable, lightweight seating solution that allows users to sit upright or lie back and take a snooze. The best part is that these chairs fold up into a compact profile, perfect for popping into the car for a trip to the beach or park. With additional feature such as a carry bag and neck pillow, folding lounge chairs will become your one and only portable chair.

Folding Lounge ChairFolding lounge chairs come in enough colors, styles and materials to fit everyone's tastes. Whether you like the feel of plastic tubing or airy mesh as a backing, these chairs offer body-conforming comfort from head to toe. These loungers are supported by a lightweight metal tube frame that has joints that allow it to fold up easily. When folded, multiple loungers can fit into the trunk of a car, allowing the whole family to enjoy the fun. Children sizes are available as well.


Although lightweight and portable, folding lounge chairs do not lack the comfort and style of rigid varieties. These chairs fold up though the use of specially positioned joints. Most of these loungers fold up to just a couple inches thin. When traveling, the last thing you want to lug along is a big, bulky rigid chair. Unfortunately, that is exactly what a lot of people end up doing. Collapsing and opening the chairs is a breeze, simply pull open the sections to open it up. Once open, the frame becomes rigid and able to support several hundred pounds.

Both the back and leg sections of these chairs open and close, allowing users to sit in a variety of positions. If you want to sit up to read, eat a snack or watch fireworks, simple pull the latch and move the back into the upright position. To lie back and sunbath or take a nap, the back and legs can fold flat.


The comfort of a folding lounge chair lies in the backing. The backing runs from the top to bottom, and can be made from a variety of materials:

Mesh: When mesh is used as a backing, users experience an airy, open feel. The mesh allows air to flow through, keeping users cool and reducing sweat. Some folding lounge chairs use a bungee suspension system around the edges to add more conforming benefit.

Fabric: Fabric is a popular and comfortable material used in folding lounge chairs. Fabric can be dyed and colored into many styles. The fabric backing is attached to the frame through folded looping that has been stitched closed. Stitching on these loungers is of the highest quality in order to support the users weight for many years.

Plastic Tubing: Plastic tubing is generally only seen on the lower quality folding loungers, although is quite comfortable. Hollow plastic tubes are wrapped around the metal frame to create the backing. In the hot sun the tubing can become hot and soft, although this doesn't bother some people.


Pillow: Some folding lounge chair users like to add a neck pillow for added comfort. A pillow provides additional neck support and can sometimes come with the chair.

Travel Bag: Many folding lounge chairs come with a handy travel bag. Although these chairs are lightweight and easy to carry, a travel bag allows users to carry the chair with shoulder straps.

Side Pouch: To keep your beverages, novels, wallet and anything else close at hand, a side pouch is essential. Multiple pockets keep your goods safe and by your side at all times. The pouch is attached to the chair and folds up with it. Outdoor folding chairs such as these can become great carry cases when equipped with a pouch.

Arm Rests: Unless you're sun tanning, you probably want a pair of arm rests on your folding lounge chair. The arms fold up with the chair.

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