Guide to Above Ground Pool Deck | Ladders

 Above Ground Pool Deck – Ladders

Above ground pool ladders provide a way for people to enter and exit their pool with ease. Without the addition of a ladder, entering a large above ground pool can be quite hard, not to mention dangerous. These ladders have several to-slip steps that users walk on to get inside the pool. A set of handlebars minimizes the chances of slipping. There are several basic types of ladders, each of which work with a different kind of pool setup. If an above ground deck is present, users will only need a single ladder positioned inside the pool on the edge of the deck. If the pool stands freely, a ladder will be needed on both the outside and inside of the pool. Let's look into these ladders in greater detail.

Soft-Sided Pools

For pools that have soft sides, an A-frame ladder is a must. Since the walls of these pools are too soft to support weight, A-frame ladders act as a bridge over the top. The ladder is installed by placing it over the edge of the pool. This puts steps on both the inside and outside of the pool for easy entry and exit. Metal ladders are made from aluminum and typically have ABS plastic steps. Aluminum will not rust in water, making it safe to use in a poolside atmosphere. Ladders made completely of plastic are also available. People concerned about the ladder's legs scratching or ripping the pool liner can use a special ladder pad for protection.Always match the height of the ladder with the height of the side walls. The wall should not touch the ladder when installed. Choosing between a ladder with hand rails and one without them is a matter of preference. Hand rails improve safety which can be important for young children or the elderly.

Hard Sided Pools

One-sided ladders can be used on hard sided pools because the wall are capable of supporting weight. One-sided ladders lean up against the pool wall and can be placed inside or outside the pool. These ladders often have a loop on the top which grips the pool to keep it in place. For pools with a slanted or uneven bottom, a above ground pool ladder with a pivoting bottom is recommended as to reduce stress on the liner. When using a one-sided ladder, users must decide whether entering or exiting the pool is more difficult and place the ladder on the more difficult side. A-frame above ground pool ladders can also be used on hard sided pools.

Above Ground Pools with Decks

An above ground pool with a deck can make use of a one-sided ladder for exiting the pool, and another for entering the deck. If the deck does not come with an entry ladder, a one-sided ladder can be leaned up against it. Another one-sided ladder can be placed inside the pool for exiting to the deck. Free-standing deck sets are available that combine the above ground swimming pool ladders and a small deck in one package. Simply assemble the deck at the poolside for an instant deck and ladder setup.

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